Tinder vs. Matchmaking Service in NYC

Are you searching for affection and love in New York City or Los Angeles? Finding someone in New York City or Los Angeles can be quite difficult and that’s why many singles rely on dating apps such as Tinder or matchmaking

services in order to find the right one. By using Tinder or a matchmaking service such as Matchmakrs.com you will definitely make your search for love easier as New York and Los Angeles are known for their difficult dating scene. Love and relationships do not come easy nowadays and this is exactly the reason why many New Yorkers and Los Angelians are using dating apps and matchmaking services in order to find love or just a date for the next weekend.

Matchmaking services and dating apps especially Tinder and Bumble are flourishing in big cities like New York or Los Angeles. Almost everyone these days is using some kind of dating app and more and more people, especially successful professionals who simply do not have the time to start swiping due to their busy professional life, are looking into matchmaking services. It’s time that we get acquainted with what matchmaking in comparison to Tinder really is.

Tinder the Dating App

As you might already know Tinder is a free and most likely the most popular online dating app and only requires you to connect with your Facebook account to get started. Once you download the app you can basically start swiping within minutes. To be honest many people in New York City are looking for a quick hook up on Tinder or some kind of a casual relationship. After talking to some friends we’ve been able to see a pattern that many guys simply swipe right on every girl and then see what kind of matches they can get on Tinder.

The average Tinder user spends around 90 minutes per day on the popular dating app and  it usually takes around 3000 swipes to find a person you would want to have a date with. That’s a lot swiping in order to find a person you can actually share a dinner with. Tinder definitely is an easy and quick way to interact with other singles in your city but it is hard to find a person with whom you could actually create a valuable relationship.

Matchmaking – The Difference

Matchmaking services on the other hand are in most cases not free but do provide more value compared to Tinder for example. Those agencies have professional staff who are experts in finding you a perfect match no matter whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or something more casual. Matchmakers are experts in finding you dates and by focusing on your needs their success rate is very high.

This is the main benefit of a matchmaking service – saving time and getting results for their clients. Many people think it’s just an elite dating service for people looking to get married which is not true in most cases. “We see that more and more of our clients are looking for some kind of a casual arrangement which has potential to grow into something more serious.” Jasmin Hanaya says and the trend is definitely going into a direction where successful professionals use matchmaking services to maximize their time management efforts.

The conclusion

Tinder is great if you are just looking to swipe around on your way to work or in your free time but if you are looking to be as efficient as possible and maximize your professional success than matchmaking services may be exactly what you are looking for!

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