Are your employees working hard or hardly working? It’s so easy these days to sit around and waste time at work. You begin checking out the news or browsing your own email, and then before you know it you’re looking at the Instagram of your kindergarten sweetheart. Everybody knows this happens every day, yet you’re most likely wasting more time at work than you even know. Since NetQuote, the free online quote provider, surveyed 1,004 Americans about just how dedicated they were to their work in the office. “The result was a shock for every employer” says the VP of Keegan McQueen.

The shocking reality is that more than 40 percent of people took selfies at work and more than one out of 10 had gotten into an serious Facebook argument while working. However, maybe the most intriguing insights were about how often people were using their dating apps while at work. It turns out we’re spending such a significant number of hours swiping and chatting during business hours that it adds up to days over the course of a year. Dating apps such as TinderBumble, and Hinge came in as the most popular distractions at work.

“While consulting with our corporate clients we have seen a dramatic spike in the usage of dating apps at work during the last 18 months and we foresee this trend to continue into 2019.” McQueen tells us.

“People spend around 27 days per year on dating apps while at work which has become a problem for most of our Fortune 500 clients. If you think about it the average salary at one of our clients is around $250,000 so you can imagine how much money a company is losing through dating apps.”

The question many companies are asking themselves these days is how they can minimize the usage of social media and dating apps at their place of work in order to optimize the overall production levels. “We found out that many employees in many cases do not realize how much time is being wasted every day on social media and with dating apps at work because we have become so addicted to our iPhones,” McQueen says. “You start liking some photos here and start swiping on some people over there and before you know 20 minutes have passed. With our membership services we have been able to help our corporate clients to reduce their employees usage of dating apps. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

Curious to see where your employees are wasting their most time at work? Here is what the NetQuote found.

  1. Employees waster 10.57 days on Tinder at work
  2. They lose an average of 27 days on dating apps every year
  3. Approximately 54 hours per month are wasted on dating apps

What do you think — is Tinder really costing corporations millions every year?

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