We craft meaningful and profitable experiences

We’re a new kind of digital matchmaking agency focusing on providing our members with valuable new connections and entertainment, based in New York, NY.

Our main vision is to create powerful networking events where you can connect with other like-minded business professionals and form strategic partnerships in an upscale and pleasurable setting. Furthermore we have realized that the more successful our clients get the less time they have to develop a social life! Here is where we provide a proven solution to our clients!


networking events

We are creating entertaining networking events with successful like-minded professionals which will unlock the hidden power of connections for wealth, success, and happiness.


Personalized Dating Experience

We are creating a new dating experience for the successful and established professional who wants to either find a casual date for the weekend or a more serious relationship. Whatever you’re looking for, we will find your perfect match.


Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships will connect serious investors with potential investment opportunities. We provide individual and institutional investors the opportunity to monetize their illiquid investment holdings through direct introductions.


Dates During Business Trips

While you’re on your business trip or vacation our team will provide you with local dates, entertainment or connect you with a local member. Upon request our team can also take care of your reservations and booking needs.

So What’s next?

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