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Why You Should Try Elite Speed Dating NYC

New York is a beautiful city to fall in love and get lost in. Other than the climate being just right, this city is alive with the right attitude. Still, in a city that attracts the world’s smartest brains and top talents, dating in the Big Apple can be hard and that’s why many successful professionals are trying elite speed dating NYC events.

Dating in NYC

Dating in New York, one of the busiest and most populous cities in the world can be hard. This is majorly because people here are so busy chasing success, that finding time for even a quick drink or coffee can be hard. While it seems like successful people should have the most comfortable time attracting romantic relationships, this is not always the case. Most elite New Yorkers spend a good portion of their days working hard to make it in life. This, in turn, leaves them with very little time to meet and mingle which is especially true for successful professionals working on wall street.

These professionals spend a good portion of their days working and are usually completely wiped out at the end of the day so that their days are always jammed with meetings, calls, appointments, activities, etc. When you go through the investment banking forum – Wall Street Oasis -, you will realize that most of these professionals struggle with finding dates and relationships. Although they visit some of the best nightclubs in NYC such as Provocateur NYC, 1OAK NY, TAO Downtown or Maruqee NY, they only end up spending thousands of dollars every month on bottles of champagne but not seeing any luck at finding love.

Also, New York is such a large and vast city that making meaningful connections can be hard. With a population of over 8.6 million people, meeting someone is harder than you would envision. Still, dating in NYC does not mean that you are doomed to single hood forever. While you can continue trawling NYC’s best nightclubs hoping to find that special someone, this experience can leave you feeling exhausted and single.

It is for this reason that Matchmakrs was founded. Speed dating NYC provides an excellent way for Wall Street professionals to meet potential matches. At Matchmakrs, we provide an outstanding platform for New York’s elite to meet eligible singles that are interested in a relationship. We aim to connect like-minded NYC singles who are actively searching for a committed relationship. We create tailor-made speed date events for NYC crowds to get you from behind the scene to face to face meetups with eligible singles in a safe and stylish setting.

nyc speed dating

Pros of Speed Dating NYC

Save time

At these events, you will come into contact with quality and successful men and women who are also taking a chance and trying to find a connection. These events give you an opportunity to directly speak and interact with men and women who are actively searching for love, something that you cannot get even at the best nightclubs in NYC.

Variety to spice up your life

If you are someone that does not have a particular preference in women or men, speed dating NYC is ideal for you. Speed dating NYC puts you in front of a wide range of people with different interests, careers, life views, and physical qualities that you are bound to meet someone that will intrigue you. And even if at the end of the session you end up not meeting anyone that you clicked with, at least you will have had an exciting social night out and not slouching on your couch.

Puts you out there

Speed dating is way better than spending your night alone and sipping on a glass of wine with Netflix. You cannot meet “The One” if you do not put yourself out there. Speed dating NYC offers a great way to put yourself out there, allowing you to meet people.

nyc speed dating

Cons of Speed Dating NYC

It is not everyone’s cup of tea

While regular- fashioned dating can work for right about anyone, the same cannot be said about speed dating NYC. There are people who do not dig talking to 10 to 15 people on a single date. For some people, this can be overwhelming, whereas, for others, it is too impersonal.

It is competitive

The number of people at a speed dating NYC can make get you feeling competitive and to some extent insecure. It is impossible not to size up other hopeful daters as your rivals in a dating scene. This can end up making you feel even more anxious because you start comparing yourself to others.

The advantage of elite speed dating events

If you work on wall street or in finance, generally most successful professionals, work 80+ hours per week and don’t have the time to find dates for themselves. This is why we offer speed dating NYC events for successful professionals in NYC to help them find their perfect match. Here are a few reasons why you should try our elite speed dating NYC events;

Fun environment

All our speed dating NYC events are hosted in some of the best nightclubs in NYC. So not only do we increase your chances of finding lone in NYC, but you also get to enjoy a fun night out. During these speed dates, all you need to do is grab a drink and zoom through 25+ dates with potential matches.

Personalized dates

We understand that you are a busy professional and that it is hard for you to carve out the time for an active dating life. It is for this reason that we have created this new dating experience for successful and established professionals like you who want either a serious relationship or a more casual date. Matchmakrs’ speed dating in NYC offers you an opportunity to meet with attractive potential matches you might otherwise never meet. During these elite speed dating events, we host 100 successful professionals with models to help you find love. If you hit it off well, you will receive each other’s contact info. If not, you move on to the nest potential match.

nyc speed dating


At Matchmakrs, we understand how important creating meaningful connections is for your success, both in business and in your social life. Our team of highly trained and dedicate professional work hard to create exclusive networking events that allow you to meet and mingle with other high-level business people. This enables you to create profitable business connections in an upscale space while giving you a chance to meet your soul mate.

Strategic partnerships

Since these speed dating NYC events are strategically set up, we offer you a chance to connect with serious investors and potential investment opportunities. We do this by providing individual and institutional investors the chance to monetize their illiquid investment holdings through direct introductions.

Dating Solution for Successful Professionals

We have realized that the more successful our clients get, the less time they have to develop a social life. At Matchmakrs, we understand the need for fast, efficient and cost-effective ways to date others who are on the same page. It is for this reason that we sought out to provide a proven dating solution to our clients – speed dating NYC for elites. This is a new dating experience for the successful and established professional who wants to either find a casual date for the weekend or a more serious relationship. Whatever you’re looking for, we will find your perfect match.

At Matchmakrs, we have re-imagined singles events and speed dating. Unlike the mainstream, we strive to offer all singles a personalized dating experience. We have mashed up classical speed dating with smart matchmaking to build a streamlined dating experience. All you need to do is to fill in a profile with al the necessary information about yourself and your preferred date, and we will invite you to one of our fun dating events in NYC with compatible singles looking for love. We only hand out invites to events with date compatible singles, i.e., singles that suit your profile and match your dating preference. The invites become even more personalized after your first event since by then we will have already met you in person.

We are also exclusive and cater well to the needs of executive professionals and successful entrepreneurs who value their time and privacy. Our speed date ideas are not set up like a job interview; We do our best to make the dates feel authentic and comfortable, allowing you to explore the electricity that comes with meeting new people. Our events include intimate setups, taking advantage of NYC’s hideaway taverns to up-scale date nights some of the best clubs in the city.

We compliment you with premium beverages so that you can relax, have fun and focus on getting to know others. Once you have found someone that sparks your interest and have exchanged contacts, the next step to set up a date, where you will get to know each other in depth, we provide some excellent date ideas NYC that will give you both a chance to get to know each other better. These events are planned so well that it is easy to let loose and even forget that you are at a speed dating event.

Check out our upcoming speed dating events and become a part of this quintessential NYC experience while meeting like-minded people. Start dating fellow elites by booking an elite singles event today.

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