Welcome to our exclusive and fun event series

We host exclusive networking events at our West Village Duplex Loft for our members and VIP guests only.

We found out that many of our members and professionals in New York are constantly looking to expand their network in order to create beneficial relationships. That’s why we created our exclusive networking events at our West Village Duplex Loft where we invite 200 vetted and successful professionals to mingle and have a great time.

All our guests are pre-approved in order to guarantee the value of our events. Most of our guest work at companies like McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, BlackRock, just to name a few.

During each event our guests enjoy a full service open bar, wardrobe, finger food, hostess, security, and an amazing view from our rooftop area.


The Loft

We are creating entertaining networking events with successful like-minded professionals which will unlock the hidden power of connections for wealth, success, and happiness.


Network in Style

Our West Willage Dublex loft has everything you could ask for. Mingle with 200 successful professionals and at the same time enjoy an open premium bar, an amazing view from our rooftop, and unparalleled company.


Rooftop Vibes

Our 2,000 square foot rooftop has a view of both the Empire State Building as well as the Freedom Tower. Enjoy the iconic New York City views and the cozy outdoor seating niches on our rooftop.


Full Service ahead

All our guests experience world class hospitality, a live DJ, a wardrobe, friendly security staff, finger food buffet, and hostess service.

So What’s next?

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