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for our members who always wanted to date a model but never knew how to achieve this specific goal we have a solution.

Ever wanted to date a model but never had a courage or chance to approach a model in real life? Our Model Matchmaking service gives you now the opportunity to finally date a model. We have a immense database of single models in New York looking for the real deal.

You might wonder why are a beautiful model would join our database? The majority of our models face the same problem because most men do not have the courage to approach a model because they simply fear rejection.

A happy and long lasting relationship requires more than just beauty or money and thanks to our model matchmaking service we connect successful professionals with beautiful models.


Model Matchmaking

We offer exclusive model matchmaking for exceptional individuals in New York. We introduce models with successful individuals by leveraging our matchmaking expertise with our immense portfolio of beautiful models and successful men and women in New York. And because we are a boutique service, our team of experts work closely with each client, providing discreet, personalized attention to help them find the one.


Adventure Dates

We realize that the success rate of a second date is higher when you do something out of the ordinary for your first date. It’s time to impress your first date with an impressive and exclusive date. Indoor rock climbing at Chelsea Piers, jet skiing on the Hudson River, or a Hamptons sailing adventure will increase your chances to a second date and you will have a real chance to get to know each other in a fun and active environment.


Style Consultation

Every model is keeping up with the latest fashion trends and if you want to keep up with your date then you also should dress to impress. Our fashion stylists will help you understand and discover which clothing styles and fit works best for you in order to present the best version of yourself. Transform yourself into the best version you can be and conquer your date.


Special Getaways

After you discovered there is chemistry between each other it’s time to take it to the next level and escape the New York City stress and go on a special getaway together to build a solid foundation. Our concierge team is already waiting for you to get in touch.

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