We help you to create a successful dinner experience

Adding a group of interesting models to your next business dinner will provide the extra spark it needs to stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Whether you are looking to impress a client, create a more relaxed atmosphere, or you simply just want to have some attractive company at your table then you should inquiry about our model portfolio today and make your next business dinner an amazing and successful event.


Spark Up Your Atmosphere

Tired of boring business dinners and forced conversations? We all know there are clients you like to take out and clients you’d rather pass on to someone else. By strategically selecting the right models that can help you break the ice and spark up the atmosphere so there won’t be any boring business dinners anymore.


Impress your clients

If you want to build on a great dinner experience or simply just want to show your clients an amazing night out then you should consider inviting a group of hand selected models that will help you build lasting relationships.


New in town?

New in town or just visiting and need some amazing company for your dinner event or night out? Inviting our models to your dinner and/or other nightlife venues will guarantee you being the center of attention and having the time of your life. Our concierge team will also provide you with recommendations of the perfect venues. We also handle your reservation for you.


After Dinner Experience

Whether you want to build on an amazing dinner experience or simply want to show your clients a great time, inviting a hand selected group of models will help you to successfully entertain and build lasting relationships. Our concierge team will also recommend you the perfect venues to end the night.

the booking process

1. Consultation
We will strategically recommend you models based on your clients' interests and background in order to complement your dinner experience.
2. Booking
Once we have identified your client's interests and background information we will show you our models that we think would be the best addition to your dinner event.
3. The Event
As discussed our models will arrive on time to your dinner venue and will stay the scheduled time.
4. Post Event Feedback
We want to hear your feedback in order to always deliver on our promises and make sure that you had a successful event.
So What’s next?

Let’s Get Started & Book Your Event Now!