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The Best Date Ideas for NYC

Sick and tired of your standard dinner dates? We have compiled a list of our favorite date ideas for New York so you can change up your dating routine and impress your date with some fresh ideas.

1. Plan a Picnic

Whether you’re heading to central park or even just your park next to your apartment. Put down a blanket, prepare at home some delicious finger food, a bottle of wine, and you are ready for a romantic date.

date ideas nyc
Picnic in New York

2. Pub Crawl

New York City offers a diverse selection of some of the coolest pub crawls, craft beer tours, TV show- themed bar tours and wine tastings. Whenever their is alcohol involved it’s a recipe of a fun date!

date ideas nyc
Pub Crawl New York

3. Working Out Together

Take a spin class or boxing class together it releases endorphins and couples that sweat together, stay together.

date ideas nyc
Couple Workout in New York

4. Visit one of New York Museums

Going to a museum broaden ones horizon. Here is a list of NYC best Museums.

date ideas nyc

5. Drive to the Hamptons

Take the bus to the Hamptons or drive with the car. The Hamptons have a lot of great places to offer. Take a barefoot walk at the beach or if you just go out for some drinks at the surf lodge.

date ideas nyc

6. Meet for Food and Drinks at Chelsea Food Court.

In the meantime New York has a lot of different food courts with a variety of all kind of cuisines. Here is a list of the most famous food courts.

  1. UrbanSpace Vanderbilt
  2. Chelsea Market
  3. Smorgasburg
date ideas nyc
Chelsea Market

7. Cooking Class

Instead of going to a restaurant, why not learning how to cook more than just pasta with tomato sauce? Here is a list of the best classes in the city.

  1. Fresh Pasta 101
  2. Taste of Traditional Thai
  3. Gourmet Mexican Street Food
date ideas nyc
Cooking Class in New York

8. Broadway Show

If you have no idea what to do. Watching a Broadway show is always a winner!

date ideas nyc
Broadway New York

9. Volunteer Together

While getting to know each other helping people who need help is always a great idea and it delivers positive energy.

date ideas nyc
Soup Kitchen New York

10. Karaoke Night

A karaoke date is a fun alternative and is supposed to be super fun and a great way to break the ice if you tend to be more nervous at the beginning.

date ideas nyc
Karaoke Date

11. Learn How to Dance Salsa

No risk no fun – Salsa is a great way to have a fun date and impress your date. Surprise her with a fun Salsa class in and get to know each other while dancing. These are our 3 top salsa classes in New York:

  1. 92Y
  2. Ailey Extension
  3. BAILA Society
date ideas nyc
Salsa Date

12. Choose Each others Outfits

Pick an event both of you want to attend and choose each others outfit. It’s a lot of fun!

date ideas nyc
Shopping in New York

13. Take Citibike and explore the city

You can find Citibikes on almost every block in Manhattan. Grab one and LET’S GO!

date ideas nyc
CitiBikes New York

14. Rent Your “Dream Car”

Take your date and your dream car on a ride and visit some magical places around New York.

date ideas nyc
Roadtrip New York

15. Dress Up and go to one of the best restaurants

Go to a fancy bar or restaurant and enjoy what New York has to offer. Check out or guide on how to find the best date night restaurants in New York.

date night nyc
Restaurant in New York

16. Rent a Vespa and enjoy the summer

Exploring the city on the back of a Vespa can be extremely romantic and fun – especially in the summers.

date ideas nyc
Vespa Date

17. Nightwalk

Show your date your neighborhood and just have a nice talk with a hot tea.

date ideas nyc
Brooklyn Bridge New York

18. Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you are trying to impress your date and stand out get yourself a hot air balloon ride.

date ideas nyc
Hot Air Balloon over New York

19. Game Night

Get out your favorite board games (Clue, Monopoly, Chess etc.) and have an old-fashioned game night.

date ideas nyc
Game Night

20. Climbing Wall at Chelsea Piers

Challenge yourself and overcome your fears at one of the greatest Climbing Wall’s in Manhattan.

date ideas nyc
Indoor Rock Climbing

21. Watch the sunrise together

Not all great dates are at night. Get up early, curl up together, and watch the sunrise.

date ideas nyc
Sunrise in New York

22. Invite your friends and go Bowling

One of the best lanes you find at Lucky Strike and their burgers are amazing!

date ideas nyc
Lucky Strikes New York

23. Netflix and Chill

Pick a TV show and watch one season of House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black. Binge watching your favorite shows and having great conversations should make a great date.

date ideas nyc
Netflix and Chill

24. Visit a Free Outdoor Concert

A beautiful way to end a summer night, seek out a free outdoor concert, everything from the symphony to an indie band, you can find in NYC.

date ideas nyc
Free concerts in New York

25. Go back to your childhood

Play Truth or Dare – A evening of truth or dare with some drinks guarantees a great get-to-know-you date.

date ideas nyc

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