best nightclubs in nyc

The 10 Best Nightclubs in NYC

As you know New York is the city that never sleeps and we are introducing to you our favorite nightclubs in NYC which are the reason why the city stays up until the early morning hours every day. Whether you are in the mood for a casual fun night or to dress up and enjoy the atmosphere at a swanky lounge in Manhattan, you definitely have to check out these best nightclubs in NYC.

Dress up and get ready to impress because we’re introducing you the best nightclubs in NYC.

1. Provocateur New York

Provocateur is owned by Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter and was created to attract every man’s desire – beautiful people. This Meatpacking District hotspot is a magnet for models and is known as a New York Fashion Week party destination. If you’re planning to visit this hotspot you have to be prepared to spend some money as Provocateur is known for its strict door policy and it is not uncommon for people to spend $50,000 on table at Provocateur.


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2. 1 OAK New York

1OAK, which stands for “one of a kind”, has been the nightspot of choice for the in-crowd in New York. 1OAK New York is famous for its glorious parties which are always filled with celebs and models and after 2 A.M it’s almost impossible to get inside this hotspot unless you’re willing to spend $3,000+ on a table.

This NYC hotspot is devided by a central black lacquered bar serving $20 drinks and in one corner a VIP-type area for the rich and famous. 1OAK is known for its hip hop parties and only on Thursday nights you’ll find Deep House and Electro tunes at 1OAK. Definitely one of the best nightclubs in NYC.

3. Up & Down New York

Up & Down which is located on 14th street attracts many celebrities and is owned by The Butter Group which also owns 1OAK New York. Like 1OAK this hotspot is famous for its club performances of Migos, Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa and others.

4. Marquee New York

This West Chelsea hotspot is famous for its A-list DJs and musical acts and plays on most days commercial house music except on their Wednesdays which are open format nights. Marquee New York is definitely one of the best nightclubs in NYC and has one of the best event productions in New York.

5. Lavo New York

Lavo is a trendy Italian restaurant and nightclub on 58th street and famous for their weekend brunch parties. The restaurant attracts many successful individuals and the late night parties are packed with

6. Avenue New York

Avenue is a 2-story lounge and event venue conveniently located at the intersection of Chelsea and the Meatpacking District in NYC. Known as the go-to meeting place for bold-faced names and scenesters alike, Avenue has also hosted private events for Marc Jacobs, Kim Kardashian and Derek Jeter, to name just a few.

7. The Box

The Box is a unique hotspot in NYC and totally different from the other locations on this list. The Box is located in the East Village and famous for their late-night burlesque show spectacles of mostly nude women. 

8. Gospel

Gospel blurs boundaries with an original concept, merging a combined restaurant, bar-nightclub, art space, and home for our creative community. Gospel is famous for their creative productions and crowd.

9. The Blond

The Blond is one of those cool, chill spots for local New Yorkers who want to escape the many tourist traps in the city. Famous for its strict door and good-looking crowd this Soho hotspot is one of the best nightclubs in NYC.

The lounge certainly looks its part: It boasts modern décor with burnished mirrors, velvet couches and bronze sculptures of people wearing masks à la “Eyes Wide Shut.” Atop the long bar are mushroom-shaped lamps made of copper, and coasters are printed with portraits of famous blond celebs like Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman and Candice Swanepoel.

10. TAO Downtown

Tucked away within the grandeur of Tao Downtown’s restaurant is a hidden gem and “in the know” oasis called Tao Downtown Nightclub. Separate from the restaurant, the 2500 sq foot lounge has kept a low-key profile attracting VIPS and celebrities for late night/wee-hour cocktails, music and dancing.

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